Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a problem for 1 of every 13 people in our society.  Most people don't realize how common it is.  Many very socially popular people are labled as "party animals" when, in reality, they are alcoholics or on their way to becoming one. 

When family members are concerned about someone's drinking, it's virtually always a serious problem.  Nobody can get an alcoholic or drug abuser to stop - only the person with the problem can accomplish that - but they can deal with the problem in a way that leads the addicted person to face the problem.  Too often, close friends and family "enable" the addicted person to continue their pattern.  I help family members deal with the addicted person in the best ways to increase the chances of getting them into sobriety.  Sadly, about 30% of addicted people never achieve sobriety whether they seek treatment or not.  Hopefully your loved one is one of the 7 out of 10 people who can or do stop.

If you have a person with an addiction in your life, I would like to help. 

 Please call me at (301) 816-8985.

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