Conflict resolution skills

So many marriages could be dramatically improved if partners had the tools to quickly and effectively resolve differences of opinion, arguments and conflict.

I teach these skills to clients, when appropriate, in a relatively short period of time.
Anyone can learn them and greatly impact their relationships with significant others.   All too often, when people have conflict, they get away from each other and then, later, that day or the next day, they act as though the conflict never occurred, even though it was never resolved.  This leads to emotional distance over time and greatly erodes good feeling and/or intimacy.  People tend to assume that if the other person doesn't appear to be angry, that everything must be fine.  If it wasn't resolved, that can not be true

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Communication Skills

Good communication skills are the key to good relationships.  I teach couples, parents, children, and business partners a set of skills that immediately improves communication.
It is not hard to have deeper, more meaningful relationships if you have the skills.
The good news is that anyone can acquire these skills in a very brief period of time.
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